Bin Yah: [Gullah] n. sing. 1. “been here”: natives, long-time residents
Come Yah: [Gullah] n. sing. 1: “come here”: newcomers

Bin Yah: There’s No Place Like Home is a documentary presented by The ChasDOC Film Society that explores the potential loss of important historic African American communities in Mt. Pleasant, S.C due to growth and development. Through the testimonies of the residents themselves, the film explores the culture, the history, the importance of land and the concept of home, giving a voice to those who seldom have had a chance to be heard.

A proposed highway extension threatens to bisect these close-knit neighborhoods of cousins and kinfolk, established by freed slaves and home to generations of their families for hundreds of years. Many residents are artisans and craftspeople, practicing traditional skills including sweetgrass basketmaking, brought over from West Africa and handed down from mothers and fathers to sons and daughters. Today, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina is the primary place in the U.S. where this grass is harvested and “sewn” into this particular type of basket.

Bin Yah will attempt to preserve – at least on film – the memories of the special places that may be lost forever as the struggle between the real “bin yahs” and the “come yahs” escalates

Total Running Time: 56 minutes
DV – NTSC 16 x 9
Color & B/W
Stereo Mix
Shot on location in Charleston & Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Completed June 2008
copyright 2008 – ChasDOC – a SC filmmaking not-for-profit

ChasDOC, inc.
Executive Director, Justin Nathanson,
The Cut Company

Press Contact: Cara White

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